Sheryl's journey with art making began around twelve years old when she drew a simple pencil rendering of a popular book character. After showing the drawing to her mother, her mother had proudly displayed it in the corner of her dresser mirror.  Sheryl felt that her identity as an artist had begun.


Sheryl loves to capture those small moments that reflect and celebrate human living.  The moments that we may overlook or take for granted.  She sees herself as an observer and visual chronicler of human behavior.  She invites the viewer of her artwork to see the story behind the mundane.

Sheryl feels that painting is the best medium for expressing her observations.  It is accessible, challenging, and allows her to communicate the vibrancy of life that she is recording in her artwork.

Sheryl is currently working on larger, portrait works.

"The purpose of art is to justify living, to extend living and to remind others they are living."

-Rip Woods-

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