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28 Days of Black Artists

Why highlighting Black artists matters for us all.

February is recognized as Black History Month in the U.S. It is a time for being more intentional in researching and learning about the contributions of African Americans to the United States story.

This time provided the perfect opportunity for me to share the knowledge about creatives within my Facebook group. I love to learn! And it was pure joy to share with others. The video clips and text were just a sampling of Artists from the past and present who I believe have made/are making remarkable contributions to the human narrative. I hope that these nuggets of information inspired others to search more deeply for themselves.

Making art is just one of many ways we can see ourselves and others in our world. When we 'see' each other and realize our similarities and struggles while appreciating and respecting our differences, this can open the door to connection. This 'seeing' directly aligns with my intention and the inspiration for why I create. When I paint people in everyday moments of living which may often be overlooked, this is my contribution toward 'elevating the everyday.'

Artists, like other vocations which capture a moment in time or shine a light on a person, place, or event are like historians. We record history as it has happened through our particular style of lens. When each artist is bringing their creations to the world and the world is paying attention, it allows us to see our humanity from a variety of perspectives. This in turn allows us to see our place within and even determine what role we will play in the human story. Just the act of choosing a subject and creating a work instantly snatches it from obscurity.

As human beings, anytime we are recognizing and learning from our past; developing our present and planning for our future, we are involved in the act of creation. It is when we are creating that we are our most authentic selves. When we take the time to see the fruit of others' creations we can learn, grow and connect. This inspires us in our own journeys and adds to the color and richness of this human experience.

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