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Hope on the Last Lap

On the last lap your strength will come.

As I was completing my final lap of this morning's nature walk, I heard the sound. I had grown familiar with the twitter of happy robins or the 'caw' of a crow. These voices often served as my morning soundtrack. Attention caught; I would scan my surroundings to see if I could spot them. My eye spy game would end when I saw the elegant, black bird perched solo, high on the gable of my neighbor's roof.

However, this time there was more than one squawky voice. I glanced upward and there in the bright blue morning sky was a flock of 12 birds. Yes, twelve. I counted. Were they peregrine falcons? I had seen these large birds before in my backyard perched on the limb of their favorite tree. Waiting. Then with lightning speed and precision snatching their prey and whisking them away into the wild blue yonder. Probably not a falcon as I had always seen them alone.

Could they be eagles? Surely not. Eagles are too special. I wouldn't be having the blessing of seeing a flock of eagles. Besides, they also tend to be more solitary birds. The birds were too far up for me to discern, but they were dark with wide wing spans. They were engaged in a beautiful circling waltz with one another as they slowly moved away from me toward the northeastern sky. I immediately felt blessed. I immediately felt relaxed. I immediately felt joy. I immediately felt hope.

During my walk, my mind had been cycling through iterations of what I could do to improve my business outcomes. I had grown weary of dealing with my current situation and wondered if I had made the right choice to go for this Art thing full-time. Had I heard wrong? I am not seeing the fruits of my labor. I have spent almost two years doing the things to intentionally build my knowledge, brand awareness, product line and connections. I have not seen enough consistent growth to warrant continuing on. Though some may profess otherwise; at my core, I have always been a hopeful person. I have almost girlish idealism. I have a talent for soldiering on. But this is what faith is, right?

Then, on Sunday--how ironic--hope became more tangible. In the midst of getting my taxes done and praying that I didn't owe, I got two notifications from my website. If the sound had been turned up on my phone they would have manifested as chimes. Instead, I saw them only when I went to my phone to retrieve some tax-related information. I had two orders! My hope was lifted. Thanks for following through, you two. You know who you are. I am grateful.

I will continue 'to fight the good fight.'

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