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Finding or building community can help you grow.

When you are doing a new thing in your life, it can sometimes feel like you're all alone. This is especially true if no one you know has done this before or they have done something similar but could not sustain it. You may question yourself and your decision to 'step out of the boat' especially when you are not yet seeing fruit from your labor or a harvest from the seeds you have sown.

Before you give up, it's important to look around. If you look with intention, you will see that there are other brave souls who have felt a similar call to serve. Connecting with others is important for not only motivation and inspiration but groups can be integral sources of information and education.

There are two ways you can connect. One way is to build a community based on your passion/interest and invite other like-minded people to join you on the journey. I have done this through starting a Facebook group called Quietgirlartful Connect. In this group I share posts about art history, my artistic process, museum outings and art exhibits--which I call #artinperson, sprinkled with inspirational quotes. While it doesn't yet have the engagement I would like to see, I remain hopeful for its growth. This problem has motivated me to search for solutions. I have found some of these in the pages of books written by successful business owners as well as through advice from online communities. I am grateful for the comments I get. This opens the door for conversation and connection which supports my original purpose.

Another way to connect is to find a community that is established and rooted in the same mindset and core values. They don't have to be doing the exact same thing as you but because they have experience and are farther along on the journey, you can glean wisdom and knowledge that will help you make informed choices.

I have found this as a result of taking action on a previous opportunity. After hearing a dynamic speaker on a free business webinar, I was invited to join a Clubhouse group of entrepreneurs and successful small business owners who operate from a foundation of faith. I have only been a part of this community for a few weeks, but so far, I have gained many valuable nuggets of wisdom on how to operate a successful business. While being educated, this information has also helped me stay motivated and inspired.

As you are taking your journey of the new, you will also find that opportunities will present themselves. Because my radar is tuned to all things business, when I learned of a local event that was centered around Black entrepreneurs, I took action. I didn't quite know what to expect. I found myself in a venue with about 300 people who were on a similar journey. I was able to hear about their histories, challenges and success strategies. This event helped me to see with my own eyes that this vision I have is possible and that there are resources available to help me achieve my goals. If this is true for me, I believe that it can be true for you as well. You are not alone!

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