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About the Artist

Quietgirlartful began with the simple, pencil drawing of a quiet, 12-year-old girl.  Growing up Sheryl loved to read, play the piano and draw.  One day, inspired by the spunky, main character Sheila the Great from one of her favorite Judy Blume books, she grabbed a stubby No.2 pencil and a scrap of white paper.  After completing her drawing, she showed it to her mother.  Her mother's smile beamed as she slid it into the corner of her dresser mirror and there it stayed for a very long time.  Sheryl felt so loved and seen on that day.  She couldn't believe that something she had created could bring such joy to someone else's life!  She knew that her identity and mission as an artist had just begun...

Colorful Plastic Sheet

About the Art

As a Visual Artist and Educator, Sheryl is inspired by everyday people and life moments.  Her quiet nature allows her to notice the details of living that may be overlooked or taken for granted. She sees herself as an observer and chronicler of life--elevating the everyday. She invites the viewer of her artwork to 'read the story' behind the mundane.

Although Sheryl explores mixed media and weaving as a means of self-expression/discovery, she feels that painting is the best medium for sharing her observations.  It is accessible, challenging, and allows her to communicate through a widely accepted and recognized medium.  Her figurative style involves elements that reflect a balance between the static and dynamic.  Her solo, duo, and group figures are usually interacting with the surroundings or each other in overt and subtle ways.

Sheryl's vision is to bring the joy of artmaking to the people and create visual art products that 'add beauty, joy and color to your living spaces and special places.' 

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