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The Process


  1. Fill out the Contact Form on my Contact page.  In the Message Box write that you are interested in a commission.  Please include what size you would like.

  2. Email clear, well-lit reference photos to

  3. Through our conversations, we will arrive at your desired image.

  4. After receiving my Invoice, a 50% deposit is required to begin your commission.

  5. After receiving your payment, the painting journey begins towards capturing your special memory!

  6. The painting process usually takes about 2-3 months.

  7. I will provide up to three (3) progress reports at your request.

  8. Once I have completed your painting, I will send a Final Invoice for the remaining balance including shipping/delivery.

  9. When your Invoice is paid, I will happily ship your painting to its special destination! 

  10. If you are local, we can set up a time for pickup or delivery.

Young smiling African woman painter holding palette use paintbrush painting on canvas stan

Painting Memories

Commissions are a wonderful way to capture a special moment in the form of a unique work of art.

They are a collaboration between the artist and the client.

I would love to help you transform your special memory into a visual treasure!


What People are Saying

'I have been purchasing artwork from Sheryl for close to 8 years.  I have commissioned multiple paintings for various occasions, including family gifts, my personal collection, and the first painting for my business.  Sheryl takes care in understanding the requirements for each commissioned piece and the quality of her work has consistently met my expectations.  It is always a positive experience when I work with Sheryl and I highly recommend her for all of your art projects.'

-Shawn L.-

'Sheryl shared her art for many months before I conjured up enough nerve to reach out to her.  Our initial call was carefree.  We discussed a little bit of this n' that, and the biggest connection was our mutual appreciation of the arts.  I mentioned to her that Maurice and I were interested in gifting Kennedy her own portrait for her 13th birthday.  After tossing around ideas, Sheryl went to work and created a stunning portrait of Kennedy suitably titled "Anchored Flight."

It's wonderfully affirming to see representations of yourself and your experiences.  As Kennedy grows, it's inevitable that she will face a world that has a tough time extending grace to women; especially African-American women.  Our prayer is that "Anchored Flight" will remind Kennedy of her own strength.'

-Carla B.-

Anchored Flight Commission on Wall USE.png
Anchored Flight Commission May 2023 Customer Reaction.jpg

Current Price List

Commission Price Chart Subjects (People, Animals, Objects, Items, Detailed Backgrounds) Si

**All copyrights remain with the Artist.

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