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14 Reasons to LOVE Art

Loving Art 'is easy 'cause it's beautiful.' This Minnie Riperton lyric may be from a different context, but the sentiment is the same.

I have been loving Art and artmaking for a long time now. Since I was a child, I have gained so much joy and satisfaction from mark making, viewing and appreciating Artful creations made by others, and learning how to elevate my practice.

Here's a list of reasons I think we are fascinated by and love Art:

  1. Art shows us who we are. It reflects our times today and our dreams for tomorrow.

  2. Art inspires critical thought and reflection. This can be done intrapersonally in the form of journaling, sketching, meditation or interpersonally with others.

  3. Art brings people together. I've attended many gallery shows and exhibit openings. It's beautiful to see people from different cultures and generations sharing this type of briefly constructed community. These settings have allowed me to reconnect and meet new people.

  4. Art creates an atmosphere of fun. If you've ever attended a Paint and Sip event you know this is true. With no experience required, some basic materials, a little guidance but mostly a lot of laughter you can create a unique, imperfect work of art.

  5. Art provides a lab for experimentation. Some of the greatest works of Art came about from what Painter, Bob Ross called, 'a happy accident.' Many of Leonardo DaVinci's artworks were based on scientific experiments and explorations. His study of light made him an expert in the art technique of chiaroscuro or the use of light and dark shades and colors to create a sense of depth and structure in a two-dimensional drawing or painting. For an example, see the link below:

  6. Art elevates our existence. Works of Art that are rare or inspire a level of wonder are highly valued. Art auctions can command millions of dollars for works that reveal something original, surreal or showcase a high level of skill/technique.

  7. Art inspires a sense of pride. From childhood to adulthood when you know that you've created from your best effort, it makes you feel proud. There's something powerful about transforming a blank space or materials into a tangible expression of an idea or feeling.

  8. Art allows us to process information. This is especially helpful for Visual Learners.

  9. Art helps us to celebrate and appreciate. Life, each other and the process of being.

  10. Art sparks conversation and connection. Two people can observe the same artwork and see differently based on their experiences and perceptions. Not to mention the Artist's perspective. Reading the artwork's description placards provides valuable insight and context.

  11. Art captures a moment in time, helps us remember and provides a treasured legacy.

  12. Art 'adds beauty and color to our living spaces and special places.' I have a painting that I purchased from a dear Art friend that hangs on the wall in my kitchen. It captures a twilight view of a church steeple that has now been blocked by new construction. I view it every day. It brings up feelings of nostalgia, wonder about her technique and joy in seeing the beautiful colors of my favorite time of day.

  13. Art can help relieve stress and boost our mood. Viewing a painting of a beautiful garden of colorful flowers or a seaside getaway can take the mind on a much-needed trip. Seeing something joyful can lift us out of a mental funk.

  14. Art showcases the unique variety of humankind.

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