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2023 Reflections: 12 Days of Christmas Style

It has been a year of growing, learning and stretching as an Artist, person and new business owner. Here are my takeaways.

This format is inspired by the original "The Twelve Days of Christmas Song" (1780) by Frederic Austin and the new, holiday movie, "Candy Cane Lane" with Eddie Murphy. The song is an important part of the film's plot. I've seen it twice and will probably watch it again. It's quite layered. I believe it's sure to become a holiday classic.

1. I'm grateful for the gift of God for giving me life and the gift of Art making. And truthfully, for sending His one and only begotten son, Jesus to die for my sins so that I would be reconciled back to a rightly connected relationship with HIM.

2. I'm grateful that I have two eyes that allow me to see the wonderful world around me with all of its beauty, color and people. Then to take all that I see and translate it through my two hands into beautiful paintings and works of Art.

3. I'm grateful for the three Art commissions on which I am currently working. Yay!!! These Art commissions will take me into the new year. I'm hoping to finish all three at least by February. I may finish one by the end of this month. We'll see. I love Art commissions. They're a way of gaining insight and connection into people's lives and helping to play my special role in bringing this treasured family memory, picture or idea they've had into fruition.

4. I'm grateful for the lessons I learned when I tried to do Art Talk LIVE: What is an Art Commission? I had sound issues the first three times I recorded over three different days. The fourth time was the charm, and I was actually able to get that Art Talk done. It was kind of funny because the delay allowed me time to reflect and create a slide presentation containing valuable information.

5. I'm grateful that I was able to take part in five Art Pop-Up events. Art Pop-Ups pushed me out of my comfort zone, out of my studio and into the public. This was both scary and thrilling. Being able to connect and feel the pulse of the world truly enriched my life and practice. Two of the live Pop-Ups occurred in the month of December. Each one taught me about the business of Art making, perseverance and the camaraderie among Vendors.

6. I'm grateful for the six phone calls I had with either prospective Collectors who were considering an Art commission for this year and for those who actually followed through and said, yes. I enjoyed speaking with them, getting to know more about their lives, families and connecting.

7. I'm grateful for the number seven because it is God's number. It symbolizes completion.

8. I'm grateful for the number eight. It has always been my favorite number. It is the number for new beginnings. I think eight also sums up my journey with Quietgirlartful from beginning to now. Starting the business in September 2021 was a new beginning for me. I spent 22 years working as a public-school Educator, the last five as an Art Teacher. I retired April 2022 to pursue this Art journey full-time. I have begun a process of reinvention and discovery.

9. I'm grateful for the nine Art Talk LIVES I have done this year. I made a vow with myself to do these as another means of connecting and stretching. You can see them in the feed via my Quietgirlartful Connect Facebook group. I welcome your feedback. I may be taking this video format off of FB and onto YouTube. I'm not sure yet. Everything's in the crockpot still simmering... Also, we have had nine new Members who have joined my Quietgirlartful Connect FB group in the last few months and have decided to take this journey with me.

10. I'm grateful for the ten people who have bought original works of Art from me this year. These purchases have ranged from small to large canvases and Art commissions. This has meant a lot to me not only as confirmation for what I do but as inspiration to continue the work.

11. I'm grateful for the eleven Collectors who bought my LIMITED EDITION, Artist-signed prints of the original painting, "Simone Swims," during the October Flash Sale. These sales helped me stay afloat at a critical time. I still have prints available on my website in the Artful Shop.

12. I'm grateful for having twelve months of intentionally creating and being inspired. I have tried new things such as painting pet portraits and small canvas landscapes. I have widened my offerings by providing prints of my paintings and a variety of Art-inspired products such as mugs, t-shirts, puzzles and cards bearing my Artwork. I have visited museums, galleries and exhibits where I have marveled at wonderful works past and present. I attended a workshop at Penland Craft Center where I found connection to nature, like-minded souls and to myself.

It's been a full 2023. Here's to an even more 'artful' 2024!

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