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What is an Art Commission?

A custom painting is a unique way to capture a special moment and create a treasured family legacy.

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During the Renaissance Age only the very wealthy were allowed to commission portraits of themselves and family members. It was considered to be a status symbol and a social boast. Thankfully today, anyone can commission a bespoke painting.

Today, thirty-five percent of Artists earn their primary income from Art Commissions of which I am one. In culture, Art Commissions have experienced steady growth over the past five years. Since the 2000s technological advancements have revolutionized the way artists work and interact with clients. The Internet and social media has made it easier to find and connect with potential Collectors.

What? - An Art Commission is the act of hiring an Artist to create a custom piece of Art. The artwork can be 2-D or 3-D. It can be displayed in public or private spaces.

Who? - Anyone! It can be requested by a business, government or individual. Today, I will focus on the individual.

Why? - To me, an Art Commission is a special and unique way to capture a moment that ‘adds beauty, joy and color’ both now and for future generations.

When? -To recognize an special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, retirement, birthday, holiday, professional milestones, births, housewarming, home renovation. Renovations are a wonderful time to add new Art to a new space.

-To reminisce over a treasured place like a favorite vacation spot, dream vacation destination, or childhood home

-To capture the image of a loved one who is living or in memoriam

-To fill a blank wall and complete your decor

How? - It's so easy! It begins with a conversation where I will:

-listen carefully to what you want

-ask questions to gain knowledge and clarity

-share the details of the process

Having this conversation is my favorite part of the process because I get to connect with my Collectors and hear their heart!

Are you ready to move forward or have more questions? Connect with me at or email me at

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